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Are You A Catalyst Leader?

In Leadership Books on June 20, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Catalyst leaders represent the gold standard — energetic, supportive, forward-thinking mentors who spark action in others,” explain Tacy M. Byham and Richard S. Wellins, authors of the new book, Your First Leadership Job — How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others.

More specifically, the authors share that a catalyst leader:

  • Asks and listens
  • Fosters innovation
  • Provides balanced feedback
  • Builds trust
  • Focuses on people’s potential
  • Collaborates and networks
  • Empowers others
  • Encourages development
  • Energizes and mobilizes
  • Aligns actions with strategy

In the book, you’ll learn how catalyst leaders bring out the best in people. They do that by, among other actions, by:

  • Encouraging the person to try new things.
  • Giving the person input on things that affect him/her.
  • Allowing the person to safely learn through failure, so they can take appropriate risks.
  • Taking the time to find out what motivates the person.

The authors also cover the following topics in the book:

  • How to build trust and ownership
  • How to be authentic
  • How to delegate
  • How to nurture business relationships
  • How to become an adviser

Your First Leadership Job is certainly a good book for a first-time leader, but it’s also equally relevant for any leader who wants to become that gold standard catalyst leader.

Thanks to the book publisher for sending me an advance copy of the book.

Best New Leadership Book Of 2014 To Be Announced December 1

In Eric Jacobson On Leadership, Leadership Books on November 22, 2014 at 7:53 am

2014 books

On December 1 I’ll announce my vote for the best new leadership book of 2014.  Stay tuned. It’s a great one.

In the meantime, here’s a look back at my my top (favorite) books for leaders that were published in 2013.

Each provides timely, practical and valuable tips, techniques and tools for how to become a more effective leader.

You’ll find among the books useful information about:

  • communicating more effectively
  • the power of story telling
  • creating an ethical workplace culture
  • increasing revenue
  • the basics you need to know as a first-time leader

Ethical Leadership

Unlimited Sales Success

Manager 3.0

AMA Business Boot Camp

The Way of the SEAL

Becoming a Better Boss

Leadership Conversations

And, my favorite from 2012 in case you haven’t read this book:

Lead with a Story


Can You Pass The Leadership Test?

In Eric Jacobson Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Books on August 30, 2014 at 11:01 am

One of my favorite books about leadership is The Leadership Test by Timothy R. Clark.  You can read it in an hour and its message will guide you through your entire career.

Here are some important points from the book that are particularly powerful:

  • Leadership is the process of influencing volunteers to accomplish good things.
  • The spectrum of influence ranges from manipulation to persuasion to coercion.
  • Only persuasion is leadership.  Manipulation exploits.  Coercion controls.  Neither manipulation nor coercion can produce lasting results or consistent good results.
  • Leadership is based on the influence-through-persuasion at the front end, combined with accountability at the back end.

Clark further points out that:

  • Leaders qualify themselves based on the manner of their influence and the nature of their intent.

If you haven’t read this gem of a book, pick up at copy today.  And, see if you can pass The Leadership Test.

Top 20 Leadership Books: What To Give First To A New Manager

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Eighteen months ago, I posted the question “What’s The First Leadership Book You Would Give To a New Manager?” within the discussion forum for the LinkedIn group Linked 2 Leadership.

That question generated 603 comments and 690 recommendations.  Some people suggested more than one book.  Some during the course of the 18 months made the same book recommendations a couple times.  And, the group discussion continues to be one of the most active still today.

In early November 2011, group member Len White graciously culled through the comments using his company’s Symphony Content Analysis Software that assists with the organization, analysis, and reporting of themes contained in text data.

And here are the results:

·    412 different/unique books were recommended

·    The Top 20 recommended books, collectively, received 250 of the total recommendations

·    Two authors – Stephen R. Covey and John C. Maxwell each have two books in the Top 20

·    Group members recommended other things instead of giving a book about leadership to a new manager, such as:

o   Interviewing everyone in the company with whom they will directly work 

o   Giving a book about management first

o   Mentoring the person for a period of time before recommending a leadership book

And, unlike a question about “What is Your Favorite Leadership Book,” the question this time asked what is the first book you would give to a new manager.

The Top 20 Books are:

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
  2. Leadership and Self-Deception– Arbinger Institute
  3. The One Minute Manager– Kenneth H. Blanchard
  4. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership– John C. Maxwell
  5. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team– Patrick Lencioni
  6. First Break All the Rules– Marcus Buckingham
  7. The Leadership Challenge– Jim Kouzes
  8. The First 90 Days– Michael Watkins
  9. How to Win Friends and Influence People– Dale Carnegie
  10. Good to Great– Jim Collins
  11. It’s Your Ship– Michael Abrashoff
  12. The Speed of Trust– Stephen R. Covey
  13. Developing the Leader Within You– John C. Maxwell
  14. Who Moved My Cheese– Spencer Johnson
  15. Don’t Bring it to Work– Sylvia Lafair
  16. Leaders Without Borders– Doug Dickerson
  17. Leadership and the One Minute Manager– Kenneth H. Blanchard
  18. On Becoming a Leader– Warren Bennis
  19. The Anatomy of Peace– Arbinger Institute
  20. The Art of Possibility– Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander

Within the Top 35 list of the book recommendations, you’ll find four more John C. Maxwell books, including:

·        The 360 Degree Leader

·        Developing the Leaders Around  You

·        Failing Forward

·        Leadership 101

The authors and leadership book publishers most discussed within the group forum have been:

·        Dale Carnegie

·        Jim Collins

·        Jim Kouzes

·        John C. Maxwell

·        Kenneth H. Blanchard

·        Marcus Buckingham

·        Michael Watkins

·        Patrick Lencioni

·        Stephen R. Covey

·        Arbinger Institute

Group discussion participants are clearly inspired by a wide variety of books – biographies, autobiographies, books backed by research and academia, books made famous by the popular press, books by motivation speakers, and books by professionals eager to share their personal and professional leadership success stories, tips and suggestions.

Finally, the book I recommended, The Leadership Test, by Timothy R. Clark made it within the Top 35.

Thanks to all the group members who made recommendations and to Tom Schulte, Executive Director of Linked 2 Leadership, and the owner and moderator for the LinkedIn group, Linked 2 Leadership, which has 19,678 members.

Note:  Symphony Content Analysis Software is designed and published by Active Java.

Best Leadership Books

In General Leadership Skills, Leadership, Leadership Books, Leadership Education, Leadership Training, Management on April 18, 2010 at 7:28 am

Students and alumni of Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University, and who are members of the professional networking web site LinkedIn, recently recommended their favorite leadership books as part of a group discussion.

Not surprising, Jim Collin’s book, Good To Great, was the book most often recommended.

Good To Great often tops lists of the best leadership books. 

  • One group member said, “The fact that the book is the result of pretty scientific research, rather than opinion, with some stories to back it up, makes it a very credible book that I refer to again and again.”
  • Another member said, “The concepts can be applied in any organization if those with strategic and operational responsibilities are disciplined enough to do so. Also, it’s backed by solid research methodology.”

Developed with working professionals in mind, Keller’s master’s degree programs can be completed by taking classes on campus, online, or through a mix of both.  Courses are taught by a faculty of industry experts that provide an educational program that is responsive to market trends, so a student’s learnings can be applied immediately.

Other recommended books included:

Read The Best Leadership Books

In General Leadership Skills, Leadership Books, Leadership Education, Leadership Skills, Leadership Training on January 23, 2010 at 9:38 am

During the past few months, members of five groups on the professional social media web site, LinkedIn, voluntarily recommended their favorite books about leadership.   They responded to a group discussion question, “Best Leadership Books — What’s Your Favorite?”

When contemplating their favorites, they likely thought about which books were in their minds the best, most favored, most inspiring, most instructional, most relevant, and ones they might reference frequently. 

The recommendations came from these member groups:

  • ExecuNet Executive Suite
  • Leadership Think Tank
  • Linked 2 Leadership
  • Keller Graduate School Of Management
  • The Talent Buzz

As the recommendations rolled in, it became clear that leaders learn from and are inspired by a wide variety of books — biographies, autobiographies, books backed by research and academia, books made famous by the popular press, books by motivational speakers, and books by professionals eager to share their personal and professional leadership success stories, tips and suggestions.

Readers’ favorites included those written by or about sports coaches, athletes, CEOs, scholars, religious leaders, governmental and military leaders.

Not surprisingly, many well-known leadership book authors made the list, such as authors Drucker, Kotter, Maxwell and Welch.

Interestingly, the discussion thread, particularly within the Linked 2 Leadership group of LinkedIn, generated debate about the value and quality of some of the book recommendations.  But, the general consensus was that if someone recommended a book that inspired them or taught them how to be a better leader, the book was worth their time.

Within the list of favorites you’ll find titles published decades ago and ones published last month.  All the books are available on Amazon and through a variety of other sources, including via author web sites. 

Here is the list of all 235 books, in alphabetical order. It represents many of the vast approaches to leadership in practice today throughout the world.  Take a look to see how many you’ve read.  Perhaps you’ll find one of your favorites.   Then, select a few to further research and to add your reading list for 2010.

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