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3 Best Places To Interview Job Candidates

In Effective Communications, General Leadership Skills, Hiring, Hiring Great People, Hiring Older Workers, Management on September 6, 2012 at 5:14 pm

One of the reasons you want to interview people in three different places is that candidates will usually be at their very best in the first interview (likely in your office).  After that, if they are pretending, the veneer will come off in subsequent meetings in out-of-the office locations.

Also, because most employees can only be successful in their jobs in different locations as well, it makes sense to witness your candidates in different settings.  So, consider interviewing the candidate over a lunch at a nearby restaurant.

And, finally, consider interviewing them in a group setting where you invite a variety of your employees to be part of the group.  If you do this, be sure to let each employee voice their “vote” regarding the candidate after the meeting.

There are lots more great tips like this one in Thompson’s and Tracy’s book, Now…Build a Great Business!

Work Reimagined Connects Experienced Workers With Interested Hiring Businesses

In Collaboration, Corporate Culture, Engaging Employees, Hiring, Hiring Great People, Hiring Older Workers on August 21, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Older displaced leaders seeking work have a new online resource to help connect them with businesses with a special interest in workers with long experience.  AARP launched a new website in July called, Work Reimagined.

The site is powered by LinkedIn, the career-oriented social media site.

Work Reimagined is the first talent exchange dedicated to helping companies find experienced workers and to helping experienced professionals connect to more satisfying careers.

For businesses hiring, Work Reimagined helps them target the most appropriate, experienced workers.

For people looking for work, the site lets you access unique, personalized job leads from employers who respect depth of knowledge and experience.

The site also is a place to share experiences, challenges and dreams for the future via groups and discussions on LinkedIn.

Working with AARP, participating companies have signed a pledge to level the playing field for experienced workers.  Employers who sign the Pledge agree that they have:

  • Openness to the value of mature workers
  • Nondiscriminatory HR policies
  • Immediate hiring needs (at the time of Pledge signature)
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