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Seven Elements Of Good Storytelling

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According to Kristi Hedges, author of the book, The Power of Presence, a good story includes these seven elements:

  1. Has a clear moral or purpose.
  2. Has a personal connection to the storyteller and/or the audience.
  3. Includes common reference points the audience can understand.
  4. Involves detailed characters and imagery.
  5. Reveals conflict, vulnerability, or achievement others can relate to.
  6. Has pacing (a beginning, ending, and a segue back to the topic).
  7. Serves to strategically underscore your intention (it’s not randomly told).


How To Be A Humble Leader

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From John Blakey’s book, The Trusted Executive, here are four tips from Jim Collins for how to be a humble leader:

  • Demonstrate a compelling modesty, shunning public adulation and never be boastful.
  • Act with quiet, calm determination and motivate others through inspired standards, not inspiring charisma.
  • Channel ambition into the company, not the self, and set up successors for even more greatness in the next generation.
  • Look in the mirror, not out of the window, when apportioning responsibility for poor performance.
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