Eric Jacobson

The Five Elements For Goal Setting

In Eric Jacobson Leadership, Eric Jacobson On Leadership, Goal Setting, Setting Goals on June 3, 2016 at 11:15 am

“The more specific you can be about your goal, the greater your level of success will be,” explain authors Tom Pandola and James W. Bird, in their book, Light A Fire Under Your Business.

“This is because once we have visualized something that doesn’t yet exist, it causes our subconscious mind to make the decisions necessary to make that visualized goal a reality.”

The authors explain that all goals must have these five elements:

  1. Goals must clarify a specific action or outcome.
  2. Goals must be measureable by being able to quantify the benefits of achieving them.
  3. Goals should be achievable with the resources available (or at least you should know that the necessary resources are in reserve and can be acquired).
  4. Goals must also be realistic for achieving based on your particular situation.
  5. Goals must also include the time period in which you want to achieve them. With a date or time period specified for completion, planning can be established in order for evaluating the progress toward goal achievement, something that can be measured and quantified.

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