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10 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready For A New Challenge

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2014 at 10:04 am

Liz Wiseman‘s new book, Rookie Smarts, jumped onto the Best-Selling Books Hardcover Business List  at No. 7 (week ended October 19), as reported in The Wall Street Journal.

Her book is all about living and working perpetually on a learning curve.  She contends that we do our best work when we are new to something.  And, she teaches us how to reclaim and cultivate the curious, flexible and youthful mindset called “rookie smarts.”

“Something magical happens when a skilled veteran successfully re-learns his rookie smarts and is still able to retain his veteran acumen,” explains Wiseman.

Wondering if you are ready for a new challenge?  Take a look at this list from Wiseman of the 10 signs that indicate you are ready for a new challenge:

  1. Things are running smoothly.
  2. You are consistently getting positive feedback.
  3. Your brain doesn’t have to work hard to be successful.
  4. You don’t prepare for meetings because you already know the answers.
  5. You’ve stopped learning something new every day.
  6. You are busy but bored.
  7. You’re taking longer showers in the morning and you take your time getting to work.
  8. It makes you tired to think you could be doing the same job a year from now.
  9. You’ve become increasingly negative and can’t identify why.
  10. You’re spending a lot of time trying to fix other people’s problems.

Wizeman is a researcher, executive advisor, and speaker who teaches leaders around the world.  One of her earlier books is, Multipliers:  How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

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