Eric Jacobson

Insights From Leaders At The Fastest Growing Companies

In Eric Jacobson On Leadership, Leadership on August 25, 2013 at 5:38 am


You’ll definitely want to read the September 2013 issue of Inc. magazine, which features its annual list of the 500 fastest growing, private companies in America.

The entire issue is a interesting and revealing read.  For example, the top metro area with the most companies on the list is San Antonio, TX.  And, California is the state with the most companies on the list.

What I enjoyed most in the issue was the Portrait of a Leader infographic.  The magazine asked the founders and CEOs of the Inc. 500 companies a series of questions.  And, here’s what they discovered:

  • Of the 21 traits associated with outstanding leaders, the CEOs ranked trustworthiness first; sincerity second; and capacity to inspire third.
  • The biggest challenge facing leaders today:  finding and keeping skilled workers.  And, in second place, staying focused.
  • 93% believe leading and managing are two different things.
  • 87% said the “the right question” is more important than “the right answer.”
  • 67% said they read books about leadership.
  • 50%  of the CEOs think their employees view them as inspiring/visionary.

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