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The Power And Value Of Saying “Nice Bike”

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Have you said “Nice Bike” to someone today?

Perhaps I was just in the mood for an uplifting, motivating and humorous presentation when I heard Emmy award winning author and speaker Mark Scharenbroich at a conference awhile back.

Yes, I was in that mood. But, more importantly, Mark delivered a vitally important message and shared the power of making meaningful connections in one’s personal and professional life.

He also totally hit it out of the park with his presentation in which he shared stories from his book, Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life. He explained the power of saying “Nice Bike” to someone – the engine that is fueled with:

  • acknowledging
  • honoring
  • connecting

…with that person.

You can read the book, each chapter a personal story/lesson of Mark’s, in an afternoon. And, without revealing those stories, my top two takeaways from the book and the presentation are:

  • Focused listening is one of the biggest honors we can bestow on others.
  • It is more important to be interested than interesting (as stated by former United States House of Representatives Barbara Jordan)

Mark is also the author of:

  • The Fred Factor
  • You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader
  • The Encore Effect

At the end of Mark’s presentation I immediately sent a Tweet on what a great job he had done.

“Nice Bike” Mark.

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