Eric Jacobson

Competition For Entreprenuers Offers Commuications Campaign Prize

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2010 at 8:40 am

Perhaps you are a business leader or small business owner with a great idea for a product or service and want to win a marketing campaign to take your idea to the next step.  Here’s your opportunity to enter just such a competition before the end of the year.

Kansas City-based communications agency Nicholson Kovac has launched a contest called, The Last Plan Standing, where people from around the country can compete to win a marketing communications campaign to help them launch their new product, service or idea.

“The purpose of The Last Plan Standing is to provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate the sheer will needed to bring their offering to the masses,” said Kovac.

“We believe entrepreneurs can thrive in a flagging economy and in fact may be the key to bolstering it. So in honor of our 30th anniversary we’re inviting U.S. entrepreneurs and small business owners to compete for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he added.

Through the end of the year, contestants submit one-minute videos in which they explain why their idea is relevant and worthy.

Once submitted, the videos will be reviewed by a panel of the agency’s professionals. Then, up to 30 quarter-finalist videos will be posted in January and voted by visitors throughout America to get to ten semi-finalists.  The top three contestants will present their idea and business plan live to a panel of judges.

Nicholson Kovac, Inc. opened its doors in 1981 and is counted among the top 40 independent agencies in the country.

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