Eric Jacobson

How To Click Better At Work

In Company Culture, General Leadership Skills, Team Building on June 19, 2010 at 1:33 pm

New evidence from researchers at various universities around the country reveals that your ability to “click” with other people in your workplace can bring you more career success.

Success being a promotion, a raise or being included within your workplace’s inner social circle.

Some people seem to have a natural ability to click. Those that have the natural ability are often called “high self-monitors” and they can easily adapt their personalities, behavior and attitudes to fit the people around them.

And, perhaps the link between clicking and career success may seem obvious to many of us.

But, did you know that research also shows you can take certain steps to improve your clicking abilities and to learn how to do things that may come more naturally to high self-monitors?

For example:

  • How much you reveal about yourself to a co-worker helps you click.
  • The more you open up and share your feelings, the more trust you build and the more likely you’ll build a connection with a co-worker.
  • Having an office or cubicle in the central area of your workplace increases your ability for clicking opportunities.
  • Sitting near the middle of a conference table brings you more clicking opportunities, as well.
  • Keeping your office door open, communicating in person versus e-mail or via the phone, allows you to click more.
  • The more face-to-face interactions with a co-worker, even if you don’t have a conversation, will generally increase your chances of liking that person.
  • The more you pick up on subtle social cues and then tailor your responses to situations, the more you’ll click.
  • Interacting with a co-worker 10 times versus only five times means you’ll likely think that person is more attractive, intelligent, warm and honest, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

Finally, research indicates that it can take workers up to 13 years to get to the core of their office network.  Yet, “clickers” can typically do it in 18 months.

What steps will you take to become a better “clicker?”  And, as a leader in the workplace, what steps can you take to help your employees to click more effectively?

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