Eric Jacobson

Make It Easy For Your Employees To Volunteer

In Company Culture, General Leadership Skills, Leadership, Leading By Example, Management, Motivating Employees on March 28, 2010 at 6:59 pm

April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week.  That’s the week when nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. will celebrate and honor their volunteers.

If you are not already volunteering, what a great time to start.  Make a commitment to yourself to start volunteering before that week starts!

And, if you are a workplace leader who supports a volunteer program at your business, you already know that by encouraging employees to give back to your community you are:

  • building teamwork
  • motivating employees
  • attracting new hires

In fact, job seekers much prefer companies that have a strong volunteer program.  And, a growing number of businesses are rewarding employees who volunteer by giving them extra vacation time or other incentives.

Fortunately, throughout the U.S. there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities where employees can contribute individually, or where leaders can organize teams of employees to volunteer together on a routine and scheduled basis.

To find organizations in need of volunteers, go to Volunteer Match and type in your zip code.  You’ll be presented a list of nearby volunteer opportunities.  Also, you can find opportunities on iParticipate.

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